Cathy Hummels: Next Shitstorm! "Corona may be revenge"

What Cathy Hummels does creates resonance. And that's not the best at the moment. After numerous shitstorms about her motherhood, the presenter and influencer has now devoted herself to the subject of corona. And here again meets with lively criticism.

The corona virus dominates everyday life, the headlines and social media. This is how more and more celebrities are expressing their handling of Covid-19. Among them is Cathy Hummels. It has its very own theory on how the corona virus is created:

Sometimes I think maybe Corona is a kind of revenge on the environment. Before that we didn't manage to limit flight traffic or simply switch down a gear economically, but EVERYTHING is now possible.

This consideration is not new; social media has been discussing for some time how strongly people react to the new virus – and how comparatively uninterested in climate change. Both problems threaten our future, one only more noticeable than the other.

What do the followers criticize about Cathy Hummels? Firstly, that she recently traveled around the world in one of the said aircraft, more precisely to Thailand. On the other hand, how the moderator deals with the corona pandemic:

I always have questions after questions, but I always know the answer: I actually want to live. Of course not getting sick but living. So don't be afraid of Corona, but enjoy life no matter what happens. Who knows what tomorrow is! YOU KNOW ME. Optimists live longer. True story!

Cathy Hummels has already planned the shit storm. And this does not fail to materialize. On the one hand, users complain about the sustainability of the mother herself, on the other hand, about her thoughtless statements – because there are actually enough people who need to be protected as a risk group at the moment. And they all need to be alert to the Corona virus.

Cathy Hummels seems to have become clearer in the meantime – in her latest post, she is still happy about the serious situation. However, meanwhile she is also drawing attention to the cohesion that is currently important in society.

Who is Cathy Hummels?

  • Cathy Hummels is a German moderator

  • She has been married to soccer star Mats Hummels since 2015

  • The two have been a couple since 2007

  • They have a son together

  • The boy bears the name Ludwig Hummels

source used: Instagram