Cauet affair: “I absolutely did not talk about money”, Julie, who filed a complaint for rape, testifies on “TPMP”

Julien Pichené / Photo credit: Aude Paget / Ina / Ina via AFP

The first young woman to have filed a complaint against Cauet for rape appeared for the first time Wednesday evening with her face uncovered on the set of “TPMP”. She reacted to the complaint that the host in turn filed for “slanderous denunciation and extortion of funds”.

Julie, the first young woman to have filed a complaint against Cauet for rape, appeared for the first time openly on Wednesday evening on the set of Do not touch My TVwhich also had its best audience of the season on this occasion, 2,170,000 viewers.

“I am outraged”

While Cauet’s lawyers filed a complaint for “slanderous denunciation and extortion”, the 25-year-old young woman reacted. “I’m not really angry, I’m almost outraged. It’s because I don’t think it’s logical. Just the lawyer, I find that what he says is not logical.”

In front of Cyril Hanouna, the young woman claims to have never asked for money. “Never a cent. I have absolutely not talked about money, even with my lawyer.” Julie categorically denies having wanted to blackmail Cauet.

A little earlier in the day, the host’s lawyers had called on the media “for moderation, restraint and rigor”, while the prosecution had just confirmed that three complaints had been filed against Cauet. The 51-year-old host withdrew from NRJ radio last week to prepare his defense.

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