CDU politician Free in the early start: “You can’t beat that in terms of unprofessionalism”

CDU politician Free to start early
“You can’t beat that in terms of unprofessionalism”

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He accuses the Chancellor of deliberately providing false information – and damaging German-British relations. “Of course you can’t beat that in terms of unprofessionalism,” said CDU politician Thorsten Frei about Scholz’s comments after the Bundeswehr wiretapping scandal. The Berlin-Paris axis also suffered.

CDU politician Thorsten Frei has accused Chancellor Olaf Scholz of providing false information in the debate about the delivery of Taurus cruise missiles to Ukraine. “The Chancellor noted two things that have proven to be wrong,” said Frei in the ntv Frühstart. “On the one hand, he said that this would make Germany a party to the war, which is of course absurd in view of the fact that we are already supplying weapons and that France and Great Britain, for example, are already supplying comparable cruise missiles.

On the other hand, he suggested that German Bundeswehr personnel are necessary to work on targeting. That is also wrong.” The recording of the Bundeswehr members’ conversation published by Russia clearly showed this, said the First Parliamentary Managing Director of the CDU/CSU parliamentary group.

He could understand that the government in London was not happy that Scholz had spoken about the deployment of British military personnel in Ukraine. “Of course, this can’t be surpassed in terms of unprofessionalism. And of course that also puts partners in trouble and, under certain circumstances, soldiers’ lives in danger.”

The Paris-Berlin axis also suffered due to the discussion about what support for Ukraine should be possible or excluded. “Red lines are being shown everywhere and that is certainly wrong, at least from a military tactical point of view. And that’s why, I believe, it is necessary that we come to a completely different level of coordination and cooperation, especially between Germany and France. That is the basic prerequisite for creating unity in Europe.”

Defense Committee to meet in special session

The First Parliamentary Secretary reiterates the call for a special meeting of the Defense Committee. “This is such an explosive matter that it is right that the Defense Committee deals with these questions,” said Frei. “These interception protocols have raised so many questions that now need to be clarified. And they are so explosive that this also has to happen in parliament,” the CDU politician continued.

“It’s simply a question of: What information was revealed here? How does that fit with the Chancellor’s argument? When and on what basis was the Federal Minister of Defense involved? I think simply saying that this is a serious matter is enough not, because that is obvious.”

Frei does not rule out the establishment of an investigative committee, which CSU regional group leader Alexander Dobrindt had called for. “Yes, that may well be necessary. For us, it’s about the interest in clarification. And the first step is a special meeting of the Defense Committee. Next week, the Chancellor will be in the government survey. And if necessary, if the interest in clarification cannot be satisfied, needs it “There is also a committee of inquiry. But we are taking it step by step.”

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