Media Markt is squandering flagship smartphones: iPhone 15 Pro and Galaxy S24 Ultra with double cards


For the Apple iPhone 15 Pro, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra and other top smartphones including two high-end tariffs, you save more at Media Markt than the tariff would cost you over 2 years.

The double card deals at Media Markt are almost too good to be true. (Source: MediaMarkt)

  • Media Markt offers many current flagship smartphones at extremely special prices.
  • With the double card bundle you save at least as much as a top contract would cost over 2 years.
  • You can get one or even two flagships with high-end tariffs cheaper than anywhere else.

The bundle principle of buying a new smartphone directly with a contract is not new. This makes savings possible that would be unimaginable with individual purchases. But it can be even better. How? Media Markt shows this with the double card campaign.

For example, the iPhone 15 Pro is being offered so cheaply as part of the o2 double card campaign with two 5G contracts that it completely overshadows all other comparable offers and, in the end, you save almost as much as you pay.

At Media Markt discover the o2 double promotion*


The only “catch”: You get the top contract o2 Mobile XL with 280 gigabytes of 5G/LTE twice instead of once, but for the price of one. If you, a family member or a friend can’t take advantage of this, the deal is still good but loses its peak charm. You should also be quick as the offer may be sold out at short notice.

Apple iPhone 15 Pro Black + O2 SIM 2x
  • 2x 5G/LTE tariff with 280 gigabytes (10 gigabytes more per month every year)

  • Up to 500 megabits per second

  • Including all-network and SMS flat rate

We looked for the cheapest alternative that provides you with such a large data volume of 200+ GB with 5G and the iPhone 15 Pro 128 GB. Including cashback, discounts and all possible bonuses, you would pay 2,646.45 euros over 24 months. However, with the offer at Media Markt you only pay 1,338.51 euros over the same period. This corresponds to a saving of around 1,300 euros.

Deal tip:

You can find similar offers in our purchasing guides for smartphones, MediaMarkt, Apple, Apple iPhones and high-end cell phones.

If you compare the offer price with the prices at which the contract and iPhone 15 Pro are sold individually, the difference becomes much larger. For an iPhone 15 Pro 128 GB Black and twice the o2 Mobile XL tariff over 24 months you would pay 3,568.50 euros at current best prices. In comparison, the offer is over 2,000 euros cheaper.

You actually get a top contract for free during the campaign. Because with the double card promotion you sign two contracts, pay 50 percent less per month for both and save the connection price once.

What about the other double card offers?

Various other smartphones are also being offered for the promotion, including the iPhone 15 Pro Max, the Galaxy S24 and its Ultra version, and the iPhone 14. There are two copies of the latter, matching the double contract.

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If you have someone in your private life who needs a cell phone contract or even their own bundle, you can save a lot with these deals.

Some colors and variants of the various smartphones are already sold out at the time of writing this article. How quickly the offer is sold out can be another indication of how good the deals really are. Accordingly, you should also seize the opportunity while it is still possible.

At Media Markt discover the o2 double promotion.*


Of course, you can find many other good Media Markt offers in the online shop and in the branches. Below we will show you the current highlights where you can save.

At Media Markt you can become a club member for free and then benefit from many advantages. Among other things, members of the loyalty program receive extended zero percent financing and you can also receive gift coupons. We will provide you with further information on shipping costs, payment options and returning your purchases separately.

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