Celebrities under palm trees: the show just has to go on

Celebrities under the palm trees
The show just has to go on

Patricia Blanco was eliminated from “Celebrities under Palms” in a row

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The scandal about Prince Marcus von Anhalt? Already forgotten in the second episode of “Celebrities under Palms”. There was no place for it on Monday.

After the first episode of “Celebs under Palms” on Sat.1 last week, there was criticism. Prince Marcus von Anhalt (54) threw homophobic and inhuman remarks on the head in the previously recorded program Katy Bähm (28). “Expressed unacceptably homophobic”, he said, the broadcaster later explained on Instagramafter the broadcast made waves. The episode, which was initially available online, was removed and Prince Marcus von Anhalt should “not take place in any future Sat.1 show”. There was enough headwind that the station According to a report by “Bild”to review all the episodes again and revise them if necessary – apparently to prevent further shitstorms.

“After the audience reactions on Monday, we are currently checking all the remaining episodes,” a spokeswoman for the station told the newspaper at least. In the second episode on April 19, it was noticed that it was only about what one had actually expected from episode one: unnecessary arguments, intrigues and whispers. And the scandal about Prince Marcus von Anhalt? As if it never existed.

Who is walking over dead bodies here?

Instead, it was almost without a breather about shouting, arguments and discussions – especially about who was playing “such a wrong game here”, as singer and actor Willi Herren (45, “Eight Billion Hearts”) put it. “I don’t know who you can trust here – and who not,” said Elena Miras (28). Bähm would “go over corpses” for a victory on the show, Herren was soon sure. However, he apparently had a good relationship with Emmy Russ (21). She sees him at least a bit as her “substitute dad” during the show, explained the former “Celebrity Big Brother” participant. For him, in turn, Patricia Blanco (50) is a “little confidant”.

“I don’t want this blasphemy,” said Miras meanwhile. Uh, don’t like “whispering” and tattoo model Kate Merlan (34) doesn’t think it’s good when some of the candidates, in their opinion, are slimy. But there was plenty of that. It got particularly loud during the team game “Baby Baby Balla Balla”. Two groups, led by singer Melanie Müller (32) and Bähm, were supposed to knock over figures on the beach and put them back up again – which was very exhausting for both the candidates and the audience. It felt like there was more yelling and discussion than playing.

In addition to all the confrontation and bad mood, some celebrities also had all sorts of ailments. Miras was in “extreme pain”, Bähm vomited and at some point Müller was only able to appropriately comment on the overall situation with a “Don’t screw me now, really”. In the end, however, there was a decision: Müller’s team was defeated.

As a result, Blanco, Herren, Giulia Siegel (46) and Calvin Kleinen (29) initially had to fear for their place on the show. Müller, who was safe as captain, should make a preselection. She nominated little ones and Blanco. The winning team should then decide who had to leave the villa. The individual candidates then chose Blanco from the show. “Pukes on the wall. Is that bad,” Herren was upset, because Bähm had supposedly previously talked about wanting to nominate little ones. “It’s too crazy for me what’s going on here,” said Blanco when she moved out – and that is how it should be for one or the other viewer.