Celebrity Big Brother: Favorite Werner Hansch wins the season

The longest season of all time has come to an end: "Celebrity Big Brother" announced its 2020 winner on Friday evening.

The fairytale castle closed its doors on Friday evening. Werner Hansch (82), Ikke Hüftgold (44), Kathy Kelly (57) and Mischa Mayer (28), as finalists in this year's "Celebrity Big Brother" season, spent the longest time ever in the TV container. At the end of the three weeks, the favorite of the season prevailed after the audience voting.

At the end of the container show, "Big Brother" once again dug out the most popular games of the season: The finalists had to throw up tongue twisters in the dwarf mail. Probably due to the exuberant party atmosphere, the players failed miserably. The last four of 18 residents had already started their final party on Thursday evening and made the well-equipped fairytale castle unsafe in fairytale costumes. In order to keep the winners happy on the evening of the final, three more matches followed with the resident quartet, a last purchase in the Knusperhäuschen supermarket and the heir to the throne duel.

Fronts are further hardened

Some of the ex-roommates watched the final evening in the studio – and quickly made it clear that there are still disappointments and injuries from living together. Simone Mecky-Ballack (44) does not want to know anything about a reconciliation with Katy Bähm (28). The latter made it clear: "I stand completely behind my statements. The nerves were just plain blank, everything rocked up. Howl for another round, Simone." This refrained from further comment. At least with Alessia Herren (18), who apologized to Mecky-Ballack, she can draw a line under the dispute in the container.

Ikke Hüftgold: "The Ballermann is loud, but fair"

The first decision followed at halftime: the popular Ballermann star Ikke Hüftgold surprisingly had to leave the container in fourth place. "It was much more important to me to show Matthias," said the singer about his decision to leave his fictional character behind. Instead, he took off his black Ikke wig after moving out. He hoped he could break a lance a little way for the Ballermann. "The Ballermann is always loud, but fair. I hope he comes back after Corona and we can have a beer together again."

Kathy Kelly then left the fairytale castle as the third-placed resident and the last woman. "I didn't expect that I would get this far. There were difficult moments, but the people were great and I got to hear their great stories," said the good-natured musician after moving out.

The favorite prevails and sets a record

Then the last page of the fairy tale book was closed. "A lot of people only see the bowl, but now everyone knows that my heart is in the right place," said Mischa Mayer, who finished second. In the end, victory was waiting for the season's favorite: Werner Hansch, who recorded the result in tears. His roommates had previously all campaigned for the oldest candidate to win the season because he wants to use the prize money to get his debts under control after his gambling addiction.

The winner was very modest in the end. "I cannot triumph, that would be the wrong reaction in relation to my last phase of life and its terrible consequences. I thank all the viewers who have brought me here. You are the godparents in a new and more liberated phase of life." His thanks also go to his lawyers and tax advisor who helped him through the difficult time. "If you still have strength and courage, take part. The old can also win here," he advised the older viewers at the end. According to Sat.1, Hansch set a record with his victory: He is the oldest winner of a reality show worldwide.