“Celebrity Big Brother”: Which resident is the smartest?

“Celebrity Big Brother”
Which resident is the smartest?

“Celebrity Big Brother”: Payton Ramolla comforts Eric Sindermann.

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The “Celebrity Big Brother” residents have to decide who is the smartest in space. Eric Sindermann reacts sadly to his placement.

On Friday (August 20th) the “Celebrity Big Brother” candidates have to face a special task. The Big Planet residents should work out a ranking and decide who is the most intelligent in the space station. Ina Aogo (32), Eric Sindermann (33), Daniela Büchner (43), Melanie Müller (33), Marie Lang (34), Payton Ramolla (21), Danny Liedtke (31) and Uwe Abel (51) have to go Seats from one to eight are referred.

Meanwhile, the residents of the space station can observe which decision the “Planetis” make. Melanie Müller lands in first place. Eric Sindermann is elected to the penultimate place ahead of Uwe Abel. This creates an emotional moment for the ex-handball player: Sindermann tearfully explains: “I’m so stupid […] That annoys me. “Influencer Payton Ramolla tries to comfort him.” Don’t take that to heart, “she says.

Eric Sindermann’s behavior is “superficial”

Eric Sindermann feels that he has been treated unfairly. “I built something for myself”, justifies the fashion designer. “Cologne 50667” star Danny Liedtke throws in that Sindermann, with his crown as a trademark and his behavior “like the greatest playboy”, could not expect people to judge him intelligently. Ina Aogo agrees: “That is superficial”. Nevertheless, the ex-handball player should “not think that they think you are stupid,” explains Liedtke.