Celine Dion: Rare! She beams while playing hockey with her sons

Celine Dion
She beams next to her sons – and lets the players celebrate her

Celine Dion

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When Céline Dion appears in public, her children are often not far away. It is her sons who seem to give the singer strength. Since Dion was diagnosed with Stiff Person Syndrome, she has withdrawn from public appearances. The new photos that show Céline Dion laughing alongside her twins are all the more beautiful.

She beams, she laughs and she waves: Celine Dion, 55, was spotted in the audience at the “TD Garden” in Boston on the evening of March 21, 2024. There she attended a Boston Bruins game against the New York Rangers with her twin boys Eddy and Nelson, both 13. Wearing a light coat, a white blouse and slicked-back hair, she watched the game – at least until she spotted fans and laughed joyfully towards the other stands. That evening, her smile was Céline’s most beautiful accessory!

Céline Dion attends second hockey game in just a few weeks

For the singer, it is the second National Hockey League game she has attended in just a few weeks. It was only on March 8th that the Edmonton Oilers team released a video that showed Dion talking to the players in the locker room. As a video on the Boston Bruins account shows, the singer was also given this honor on March 21st. Before kick-off, Dion was not only allowed to visit the players in the locker room, but also read out the starting lineup. The video shows the singer entering the room with big steps and to applause.

Dion even gets carried away singing a few names, jokes around, and all in all puts in a remarkable performance. The players were particularly happy about one detail: As a real hockey fan, Céline even knew the nicknames of the individual team members. “THIS is a legendary lineup announcement,” the Boston Bruins later commented on the video.

“How could that happen?” One detail bothers the fans

Céline Dion’s stated goal is to return to the stage despite her stiff person syndrome. With her surprise appearance at the Grammys in early February, she gave a small taste of the strength, energy and assertiveness with which she wants to fight her way back. Her performance on March 21st proves the same.

Céline Dion with her twins Nelson (l.) and Eddy (r.).

© Steve Babineau/NHLI / Getty Images

There’s only one detail that bothers some Boston fans: “Man, she’s a Habs fan, how could this happen?” says an Instagram comment. Dion grew up in Quebec; The hockey team she grew up with is the Canadiens de Montréal – and they are in rival competition with the Boston Bruins. “Habs” is the short form of “les habitants”. This is what the first French settlers in Canada are called.

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