CES 2023: Somalytics wants to improve your sleep with SomaSleep, the 1st connected sleep mask

We can never say it enough: quality sleep is important for our physical and mental health. Somalytics, a company specializing in miniature sensors, is well aware of this. SomaSleep is a connected sleep mask that will help you sleep better.

A young woman lying down wearing a SomaSleep / Credit: Somalytics

The products showcased at CES 2023 seem to indicate that wellness and health will be among the top tech trends of the year. After Withings and the U-Scan, a connected urine analysis laboratory, it’s Somalytics’ turn to present with SomaSleep, a connected accessory designed to improve an activity that more and more people find it difficult to indulge in: sleep.

Somalytics, the designer of SomaSleep, has designed a miniature sensor that aims to replace cameras and sensors currently used in “eye tracking, human-machine interfaces, wearables and industrial security. It is the first paper capacitive sensor of carbon nanotubes in the world. He is thin as paper, consumes little energy. According to the company, “understanding sleep quality, and measuring rapid eye movements, is essential for finding sleep disorder solutions “.

SomaSleep measures rapid eye movements using miniature sensors

Until now, in case of pathology, the measurement of a patient’s rapid eye movements was done in sleep centers, and the data of each subject was followed and processed by a specialist. SomaSleep will allow you to do without all these intermediaries and measure your vital signs yourself during all phases of your sleep. This data will be processed and made available to you through the mobile application. You will then be free to share them with your attending physician.

SomaSleep manages to perform precise eye tracking thanks to its miniature sensors integrated into the eye shields of the mask. Battery life will be eight hours, so you’ll need to charge the mask if you’re going to use it every night. SomaSleep from Somalytics is expected to be available from December 2023 and could be a good complement to an Android sleep analysis app, for example.

Source: Somalytics

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