Chancellor criticizes statements: Scholz: Putin tells a “completely absurd story”

Chancellor criticizes statements
Scholz: Putin tells a “completely absurd story”

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Scholz also criticizes the US interview with Putin across the board. The Kremlin chief’s lies cannot change “his imperialist aspirations,” says the Chancellor in Washington. There he will speak with President Biden about aid for Ukraine. Despite the blockade in the Senate, Scholz is confident.

Chancellor Olaf Scholz sharply criticized Russian President Vladimir Putin’s statements in his interview with US presenter Tucker Carlson. The interview mocks what “real actions have been done by Russia in Ukraine,” said Scholz during his visit to the US capital Washington. In the conversation, Putin told a “completely absurd story” about the causes of this war.

Scholz continued: “There is a very clear reason, that is the will of the President of Russia to annex part of Ukraine. And all the stories that are told about it do not change the fact that that is exactly the purpose of his imperialist ambition. ” The war could “end at any time,” said Scholz. “But not in the way the Russian president imagines, by Ukraine capitulating, but by ending the war and creating the conditions for a peaceful solution to become possible.”

Scholz traveled to Washington to meet with US President Joe Biden for a detailed discussion in the evening (8:45 p.m. CET). The most important issue is likely to be support for Ukraine after the US Senate blocked an aid package worth 60 billion euros.

Scholz is “very happy” about the good sign regarding military aid

Before the conversation with Biden, Scholz was confident that there would soon be a decision on new US military aid for Ukraine. The Chancellor said he was “very happy” that there was now a good sign that the American Senate might soon make a decision on a package that would create the financial basis for supporting Ukraine with weapons from the USA .

It’s about a clear and important message to the Russian President and active help for Ukraine. “I don’t want to speculate how long it will take and whether it will take a few more attempts. But it would be good if it happened very soon.” On Thursday evening, Scholz met with senators from the US Congress.

The Chancellor continued that Europe could make a major contribution. “Germany is definitely making a big contribution. But without the contribution of the United States of America, the situation for Ukraine would be very, very difficult,” warned Scholz. “I really want to help ensure that such a decision takes place here in the USA. But I also want to help us make it clear together that Putin cannot count on our support for Ukraine to weaken.” This is a message that is now urgently needed. The USA and Germany are by far Ukraine’s most important arms suppliers.

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