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The new Spanish national coach Montse Tomé calls on striking players – they refuse to be selected.


New leadership duo

National coach Montse Tomé and the interim association president Pedro Rocha Junco.

Reuters/Susana Vera

Unsuccessful restart in Spain’s women’s national team: The new selection chief Montserrat “Montse” Tomé announced her squad for the Nations League games against Sweden and Switzerland – but a little later the national players emphasized that they would continue their strike.

«After everything that happened today, we as professional players will examine the possible legal consequences that arise from the RFEF’s stance (Spanish association, editor’s note) surrendered,” says a statement that the players spread on social media. The nomination was also “not made on time”.

“Protection” for Jenni Hermoso

Tomé had previously nominated 15 world champions and 8 other players and told the media that she had spoken to the players. She did not give any details. Last week, numerous Spanish players called for further reforms in the association and threatened to go on strike.

Tomé’s 23-woman squad did not include Jenni Hermoso, who was unwantedly kissed on the mouth by Spanish association boss Luis Rubiales after the World Cup final and has therefore been at the center of the hype in recent weeks. “We thought it was the best way to protect them,” said Tomé, explaining the decision.

Hermoso attacks the association

Hermoso’s answer was not long in coming. On Tuesday night she reported on

Hermoso also referred to her absence from the squad: “What should I be protected from? And in front of whom?” There has never been any protection from the association in the past. The nomination of the players who had expressly asked not to be appointed is now “further proof that nothing has changed”.

Jenni Hermoso.


Accuses the association of manipulation

Jenni Hermoso.

Keystone/AP Photo/John Cowpland, File

Unrest since 2022

There has been unrest in the Spanish women’s national team for over a year. The players initially sharply criticized the then national coach Jorge Vilda. As a result, several actors were either left out by Vilda or refused to continue playing in the selection.

At the World Cup, things escalated further with the Rubiales kiss. After weeks of pressure kicked in Rubiales returned, Vilda was removed – but the Gordian knot has apparently not been cut yet.

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