Charles III in Paris: this clear refusal of the king during a walkabout with Emmanuel Macron: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

Charles III and Camilla Parker Bowles set down their suitcases in Paris, Wednesday September 20, 2023. The king was expected in March 2023, but Buckingham Palace was forced to postpone this stay because of the demonstrations, sometimes violent, against pension reform. A very busy schedule awaited the sovereign and his wife: accompanied by Emmanuel Macron, they first went to the Champs-Élysées, in order to rekindle the flame under the Arc de Triomphe. The two men then walked down the famous avenue. After stopping at the Élysée, the head of state and his guest surprised by going to the English embassy on foot. A crowd was waiting for them and Charles III made a gesture that did not go unnoticed, as filmed BFMTV. Emmanuel Macron did not hesitate to greet those present and he notably noticed a child who wanted to see the King of England a little closer. “Majesty, you have, I believe, someone who…”, he said to the king who, for his part, was not receptive. “No, no… It’s not possible,” he immediately said, reminding us that there is a protocol to follow.

Charles III: a much more flexible king on royal protocol

The highly anticipated arrival of Charles III in France has been analyzed in the smallest details. If the king refused to go greet the child, it is in particular because the protocol indicates that members of the royal family must not be touched. However, images from BFMTV show him shaking many hands of enthusiastic adults. Earlier in the day, Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron warmly welcomed Charles III and his wife… and this did not go unnoticed. Indeed, the First Lady gave Camilla Parker Bowles two kisses. For his part, Emmanuel Macron made a simple bow of the head towards the queen, accompanied by a handshake. When he welcomed Charles III, the head of state took the liberty of putting his hand behind his back on several occasions. In the columns of Huffington PostWednesday September 20, 2023, Thomas Pernette, author of Royal Survival (and Manners) Handbook to the editions Epa Edsexplains that King Charles III and Camilla Parker Bowles are much more flexible with these kinds of gestures. A protocol which was very different for Elizabeth II since the sovereign did not agree to be touched.

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