“Charming as always”: Michelle Hunziker reacts to Thomas Gottschalk’s saying

“Charming as always”
Michelle Hunziker reacts to Thomas Gottschalk’s statement

At the last "Bet that..?"episode, Thomas Gottschalk will not cuddle on the couch with Michelle Hunziker.

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On November 25th of this year, the ZDF cult show “Wetten, dass…?” find their final end. To the surprise of many fans, Michelle Hunziker (46) will no longer sit on the couch as the moderation partner of Thomas Gottschalk (73) in the final edition. Across from “Picture” the always blond curly hair Showtitan justified this fact with flippant words: “I don’t need a young, blond woman by my side to show me where to go,” he is quoted as saying. Apparently, a corresponding counterattack was not long in coming.

As reported by various media, Hunziker spoke up directly from her current vacation in Italy. Her casual reaction is: “My Thomas, charming as always! Up to the last meter. Thanks for being young and blonde! I’m already a grandma.”

That’s why he breaks up

In a detailed Instagram post Gottschalk had previously also commented on the absence of his long-term “Wetten, dass…?” partner: “One or the other will be in my last issue of “Wetten, dass…?” miss and maybe forget that it was me who got her on the show and that ZDF didn’t put her at my side as a ‘caring night nurse’ because I didn’t know where to go anymore.” The exact reasons for Hunziker’s absence are not known.

But very well those for the show-off. So it was the showmaster’s decision to “pull the plug”. It’s not easy for him, but: “The great times of Saturday evening entertainment, which is talked about everywhere on Monday, are over.” He himself is grateful that he was able to experience and help shape it.

But: “Before an author writes down the gags before the show and they put a plug in my ear, through which an editor constantly gives me ‘shitstorm warnings’ or explains to me which ‘celebrity’ is sitting next to me, I do it me from the farm,” says Gottschalk. Nevertheless, this does not mean a complete farewell to the screen, he still believes “in the power of television”.

The last “Wetten, dass…?” show with Gottschalk and without Hunziker is scheduled for November 25 in Offenburg. Advance ticket sales are scheduled to begin in the fall.


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