Chic e-bike with belt drive: The new Lidl model is a real eye-catcher


Lidl is now offering the second generation of its own e-bike “Crivit Urban” in its online shop. We take a closer look at the offer.

The Crivit Urban E-Bike is available in different colors and two different versions. (Source: CRIVIT)

Update from March 28th: ​​The e-bike from the discounter was available with a decent discount when it launched, but Lidl has now canceled it. The belt-driven city bike is now sold at the regular price of 1,599 euros. From our point of view, the price is still very good considering the features, especially since the previous model doesn’t cost much less.

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When the temperatures reach double-digit levels again shortly during the day and the sun comes out, then the cycling season will begin for many people. If you are currently looking for a new e-bike for the city, then it is worth taking a look at Lidl’s offer. The discounter has been selling its own e-bikes with a really good price-performance ratio for some time now. A new generation of the “Crivit Urban E-Bike” is now available for just 1,299 euros.

First of all: The Crivit Urban E-Bike is available in different colors, as well as a version with a bar and a low entry. All models are available at the same price. According to the dealer, the bikes with a low entry are suitable for people between 1.60 and 1.90 meters tall, while the version with a bar is suitable for riders between 1.70 and 1.95 meters.

The Pedelec has a wheel size of 27.5 inches and a frame size of 50 centimeters. The weight is around 21 kilograms and it is approved for a maximum total weight of 140 kilograms.

Boost function and belt drive

The battery with a capacity of 360 watt hours fits into the seat tube and can be easily removed for charging. Together with the 45 Newton meter rear wheel motor, it should be sufficient for a maximum range of 100 kilometers.

There are a total of three support levels available, and there is also a fourth boost function that provides full power for a maximum of 20 seconds. The bike has a lighting system, a luggage rack and a bell. Mudguards also protect you from splashes of water. In addition, the entire bike is protected against jets of water according to IPX5.

There is no suspension fork, no suspension seat post or gearshift. Hydraulic disc brakes from Shimano are installed, and a belt drive is used instead of a chain. Additional features include a pre-assembled cell phone holder, a smart tracker hiding place and puncture-proof tires from Schwalbe.

CRIVIT Urban E-Bike X.2
  • Torque sensor for a natural driving experience

  • Rear hub motor for direct power transmission

  • Durable carbon strap

Unfortunately, the Crivit Urban E-Bike Still a fair price considering the features. In the online shop you can find the Pedelec in other colors, as well as the model with a low entry.

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