Choked unconscious – Innviertler (50) tried to rape “Ex”

A 50-year-old is said to have broken into the apartment of a friend in the Upper Austrian district of Ried im Innkreis the week before, massively strangled and tried to rape her in the course of a dispute. The sexual assault failed due to the resistance of the victim who was injured in the attack. The perpetrator is now in custody.

The 45-year-old and the 50-year-old had a fleeting affair some time ago, but the woman ended it. The man apparently did not want to accept that.

He broke into her apartment on the Wednesday of the previous week. An argument broke out in the course of which he choked the woman – until she passed out. When she came to, he is said to have tried to rape her. But she struggled so hard that he let go of her. Before he escaped in a taxi, he threatened to kill her if she should tell someone about what had happened.

Cutting and stabbing weapons
Several hours after the crime, the man was arrested in his apartment – the door was open anyway because he kicked it in because he had misplaced his key. In his premises, the police also found narcotic drugs as well as cutting and stabbing weapons, including a forbidden manslaughter and large knives, which are allowed, but “ordinary consumers don’t have them,” as Philipp Gerner from the Braunau police force said. The 50-year-old was admitted to the Ried prison.