“Chop off their legs”: Hamas terrorist describes brutal instructions before massacre

“Chop off their legs”
Hamas terrorist describes brutal instructions before massacre

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Israeli police are interrogating several Hamas terrorists to obtain information about the hostages and killed Israelis. Cruel details come to light in a new video. A terrorist describes the brutal instructions his commander gave.

A Hamas terrorist who took an active role in the October 7 massacre has revealed his commander’s disturbing instructions during interrogation with Israeli police. Accordingly, the fighters were supposed to kidnap primarily older women and children in the attacks on Israeli civilians, in which 1,400 were killed and more than 200 were kidnapped. “Anyone who kidnaps a hostage and brings them to Gaza gets $10,000 and an apartment,” said the Hamas fighter.

In a video clip released by the Israeli security forces, the Hamas fighter describes in detail the massacres in the kibbutz and villages. The fighters went from house to house and looked into every room and dropped grenades or shot indiscriminately at civilians, including many women and children. The goal was to kill everyone. “Clean the houses and kidnap as many prisoners as possible,” said the Hamas leadership.

The Hamas fighters were therefore asked to use bestial methods in the massacre: “The commander told us to smash their heads in, behead them. Do whatever you want with them. Chop off their legs.” He then added: “Hamas has become ISIS.” An Israeli police officer, who is not seen in the video, then asks how this happened. The Hamas fighter replies that they don’t use their heads, that they are “inhumane.” “They have become animals, people don’t do things like that, behead other people, have sex with corpses.”

While the fighters carried out the instructions of Hamas leaders, the senior commanders of Hamas’ military wing (from the rank of company commanders onwards) were said to have remained behind in safe houses and hideouts. Meanwhile, they sent their own people to Israel to fight, die or be arrested.

In the press release from the Israeli police and the security forces ISA, they write in a joint statement that the security forces of the State of Israel will settle accounts with all terrorists who took part in the massacre on October 7th.

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