Chris O’Neill: His behavior at the throne jubilee attracts attention

Chris O’Neill
That’s why his behavior at the anniversary attracts attention

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Chris O’Neill surprised everyone at the throne anniversary celebrations – especially PR experts. Paul Ronge now explains to “” how Princess Madeleine’s husband managed this and why he behaved surprisingly differently than usual.

Chris O’Neill, 49, didn’t choose life in the spotlight, he simply fell in love with a woman whose background brings increased public interest. The British native has been the man at Princess Madeleine’s side, 41, for over ten years now. To this day, he has not gotten used to the public interest in him. On the contrary. He can’t get anything out of it. He is uncomfortable with official appearances with the Swedish royal family, as his body language reveals. At the weekend celebrations for his father-in-law King Carl Gustaf, 77, on his throne anniversary, Chris surprised everyone. Especially PR experts!

The three of them seem to be having a lot of fun on the balcony

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Chris O’Neill seems much more relaxed

Especially on Friday, September 15th, when the royal family gathered on the balcony in the outer courtyard of Stockholm Palace to watch the changing of the guard, Chris O’Neill appeared unusually relaxed. He seems to thaw a little at his wife’s side. PR expert Ronge suspects that we are seeing the private side of the entrepreneur here, which he usually hides from the public. Chris seems more relaxed, photographers can even see him laughing with Madeleine and Photograph Prince Daniel.

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Pictures of a laughing Chris O’Neill are otherwise an absolute rarity. “He’s not the kind of person who automatically makes friends with the camera. When I saw him, he seemed pretty staid and self-confident. He’s not so concerned with being likeable,” says journalist and PR expert Paul Ronge Princess Madeleine’s husband.

Chris is forced into his role

As relaxed as he appeared at the celebrations for his throne jubilee, life in public is not pleasant for Chris O’Neill. But a life in Sweden goes hand in hand with that. He is dragged into the spotlight against his will. The somewhat rigid image that the father of three embodies to the outside world is a calculation, Ronge thinks: “I think he wants to emphasize: ‘I have to do this – I don’t find it funny’.” Therefore, supporters of the Swedish royal family should be all the more pleased that Chris O’Neill managed to at least briefly overcome his shadow on the throne’s jubilee. You probably won’t see a happy, exuberant Chris again anytime soon.

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