Christmas 2021: What you need to know when exchanging gifts

If your Christmas gift doesn’t go down as well as it should, it’s time to go back to the store and exchange it. But that is exactly what can cause problems for customers – and not just during the pandemic.

It will be decided today whether we can expect lockdown-like restrictions again this year after Christmas. However, one thing is already certain: This year too, not every gift from the online shop will arrive on time, and not every well-intentioned gift will also be appreciated. but What do you do if goods are delayed, damaged, or if you just don’t like a gift?

If you buy online, it is easier to exchange

Anyone who has bought on the Internet has a clear advantage in this case. The 14-day right of withdrawal Buyers can assert a claim without giving a reason, there need not be any defects. If you are in this period of time and have bought online from a commercial dealer, the goods must be taken back by the seller in almost all cases. Attention: The right of withdrawal does not apply to private providers, for example via eBay classifieds.

Exceptions are also, for example, personalized products or hygiene articles. A closer look at the dealer’s terms and conditions can help here. This also applies to whether you have to pay the shipping costs for a return. Merchants are not required to pay for the return shipping.

For example, if you bought Christmas gifts from Amazon, you can take longer to return them. All items purchased on Amazon between November 1 and December 31, 2021 can be returned until January 31, 2022.

Our video reveals how you can save on online shopping:

Dealer: No obligation to exchange

Anyone who (has) preferred to get Christmas gifts from brick-and-mortar stores, despite restrictions, has to Hope for goodwill when making returns. Dealers are not obliged to take back goods bought in the store if they are not damaged (source: Consumer Center Hamburg). Your loved ones just don’t like a gift, that’s not a sufficient reason.

Many dealers orientate themselves when exchanging, but on the right of withdrawal. 14 days are often not a problem. It is best to inquire when you buy, under what circumstances an exchange is possible. You should be able to present the original receipt in any case. Whether dealers, if they exchange goods, issue a voucher or give you the money back, they can decide for themselves.

The situation is different with damaged goods. Whether products arrive broken or you have overlooked a defect in the store – Dealers must provide goods that are free of defects. You can repair it or exchange it for new goods, as a customer you have no say in this. If you do not receive a flawless product after two attempts, you can withdraw from the purchase contract and claim your money back.

It is better to redeem vouchers early

If you want to save yourself the hassle, you can use vouchers. The recipients can choose something themselves – like it or not like it is no longer your problem. There is one stumbling block, however, because Vouchers are not valid forever. According to the Hamburg Consumer Center, three years are generally valid from the end of the year in which the voucher was purchased.

Recipients have plenty of time to choose something – or forget the voucher in the drawer. According to the Hamburg Consumer Center, there is another risk with vouchers: If the provider goes bankrupt, voucher owners simply have a pretty piece of paper. So you shouldn’t give yourself too much time.

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