Christmas TV movie: what is Love at First Sight worth as a Christmas gift with Teri Hatcher (Desperate Housewives)?

This evening, TF1 is broadcasting “Love at first sight as a Christmas present”, a TV film with Teri Hatcher. Is it worth a look?


Now the head of a lifestyle company, writer Nora Winters is looking for a partnership to save her business. To help her, she must write a column on the theme of love at Christmas, supported by an attractive photographer, Jack Paxton.

Love at first sight as a Christmas present, Monday December 4 at 9:10 p.m. on TF1 and MyTF1.


In this new Christmas romantic comedy, Teri Hatcher (Desperate Housewives) plays Nora Winters, a writer who signs up on a dating app to save her magazine.

Dan Payne (Christmas at the Cottage) plays Jack Paxton, an attractive photographer who will help our heroine write a column on love at Christmas.

Alongside them, viewers will find Shawn Ahmed (Coroner), Ricardo Betancourt (Jett), Allison Brennan (Private Eyes), Simon Henderson (A Baby Fallen from the Sky), Christian Corrao (The Murdoch Investigations) and Howard Hoover (Bewitched). by Christmas).


Over the years, Teri Hatcher has become a key figure in Christmas TV movies. After Love at First Sight before Christmas last year, where she found James Denton, her playing partner in Desperate Housewivesthe actress returns this evening in Love at First Sight as a Christmas Present.

People who are willing to open themselves to the magic of Christmas are also open to love at first sight.“. It is with these few words that the new TF1 TV film begins.

In this romantic comedy, Teri Hatcher plays Nora Winters, a writer at the helm of a lifestyle magazine. In order to avoid losing her job, the latter will agree to register on the new popular dating application in order to write a column on the theme of love at Christmas.

A single woman, Nora has closed her heart to love for far too long. If she goes on dates for the purposes of her articles, it is mainly to give her readers the impression that she is falling in love.

But that was without counting on Jack Paxton, the attractive photographer responsible for following her in her quest for love, which could well be the key to her happiness. From there to causing love at first sight before Christmas?

With its idyllic setting of New York in the snow, its snowman competitions, its Christmas cookies, its choirs on every street corner, its decorations galore, its good feelings, all sprinkled with a good dose of romance , Love at first sight as a Christmas present obviously ticks all the boxes of the genre.

In a well-established formula, the scenario is once again without surprise. However, we are used to watching this type of film with a certain guilty pleasure at this time of year, but Love at First Sight as a Christmas Gift unfortunately struggles to seduce us. Indeed, the clichés follow one another, the actors lack chemistry and the magic doesn’t really work.

Ultimately, the only strength of this Christmas fiction comes from Teri Hatcher who does the job. Mimicry and communicative joy, it is like a good blanket that we enjoy finding in winter.

Despite a predictable scenario, Love at First Sight as a Christmas Present nevertheless remains pleasant, especially accompanied by a hot drink by the fire.

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