Christophe Dechavanne “fired” from a famous dating site: his astonishing anecdote

Notoriety has some drawbacks. While his autobiography entitled Without transition… (Editions Flammarion) was released at the end of January, Christophe Dechavanne gave an interview to TV Magazine Thursday February 15. Looking back at the key stages of his existence, the 66-year-old TV host also discussed his love life, punctuated by some surprising anecdotes.

Indeed, the one who concluded each of his broadcasts with the message of prevention “Get covered!” confided… getting kicked out of a famous dating site. The presenter who now works with Léa Salamé on What an era! (France 2) had registered on Meetic, before seeing his account banned. “I was told it’s illegal to impersonate someone else!” he remembers in the media Figaro. Despite this funny mishap, the actor confides that he still has “experienced periods of [sa] life with women met on the Internet”. From now on, trying to find love on a dating site would not bother him, explains the radio host. “Not very worldly”and rather “homebody”the producer spends all his weekends “in the countryside”where he tried to meet people. “But no matter how hard I shake them, absolutely no one falls from the trees!” he laughs.

“Looking at a landscape is still wonderful for two”

If he exceptionally agrees to talk about his love life, Christophe Dechavanne usually prefers to remain discreet. “There are certain stories that I did not want to mention, even if only towards my children, admits the father of Ninon, Paul-Henri and Pauline Dechavanne. Concerning certain other idylls, he talks about them “without having to spell things out”or preferred to keep silent about them because they are “so crazy[s] that[‘il] couldn’t[s] tell”. When he takes stock, the one who presented A gold family from 2007 to 2014 estimates to have had a professional career and a checkered love life”. Now he is thinking about traveling, “but alone, it’s heavy”. For Christophe Dechavanne, “looking at a landscape is still wonderful for two”.

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Photo credits: Guirec Coadic / Bestimage

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