Cinema quiz: impossible to recognize these 9 cats!

It’s International Cat Day! Here is a quiz on these adorable little beasts. If cats are supposed to have nine lives, you will have nine questions to try to find these nine films. Will you land on your feet?

Many cats have had important roles or memorable appearances in the cinema. It even happens that they can be at the center of the plot, and even appear in the title of the film, as was the case in 1996 in Everyone is looking for his cat by Cedric Klapisch. The story of a neighborhood that mobilizes to try to find a lost cat…

More recently, it’s another cat who was also the trunk, in Inside Llewyn Davis of the Coen Brothers. A little red cat that the hero of the film played by Oscar Isaac must take care of, who inadvertently lets him escape from the apartment he occupies, and must then go looking for him in the streets of New York.

It also happens that cats in the cinema are much less cute and friendly. We remember the white cat of Blofeld, leader of the Specter and emblematic enemy of James Bond, taken up in parody mode in the Austin Powers, then companion of Doctor Hell. And of course we think of the scariest of all, Church, the cat back from the dead in Simetierre adapted from Stephen King’s novel.

But the cats in the cinema are above all those in animated films, and they are very numerous. From Duchess and her three kittens Marie, Toulouse and Berlioz in the Disney classic The Aristocats, to the famous Garfield, via Puss in Boots, who appeared in Shrek 2 and which was entitled to its own spin-off in 2011.

Diverse and varied cats that made us want to dedicate a quiz to them on this International Cat Day. If these charming creatures are supposed to have nine lives, you will only have one chance to try to achieve the perfect!

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