CINEMA: Sonic 2, the film, two million admissions in France and big figures at the global box office

sonic the movie will have been the good surprise of 2020the film adaptation of the cult franchise of SEGA managed to win over critics and viewers, allowing the film to have the best start for a video game adaptation with $100 million at the box office during the first weekend of exploitation, pricking the record at Detective Pikachu.

The studios therefore did not take long to launch the production of a sequel, entitled Sonic 2 the movie hit theaters at the end of March. The distribution company Paramount Pictures and SEGA announce today that the feature film generated $ 331.64 million in revenue worldwidesurpassing the record of the first installment (319 million dollars). Sonic 2 the movie therefore becomes the video game adaptation to the cinema that made the most money in theaters, with $72 million in revenue in the United States alone in the first weekend of operation. The film also topped admissions in 47 countries, including in France, where Sonic 2 the movie counts more than two million entries. The Paramount is now waiting to release the feature film in Japan on August 19 to further increase the numbers.

The blue hedgehog is therefore a hit in the cinema, and it’s not going to stop, a third movie is already announcedas well as a series centered on Knuckles expected on the platform of SVoD Paramount+. You can already pre-order Sonic 2 the movie on Blu-Ray at €19.99 on Amazon.

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