Civilian targets hit: Moscow attacks Ukraine with drone attacks

Civilian targets hit
Moscow attacks Ukraine with drone attacks

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Ukraine is facing the second winter of war. As the enemy troops wear themselves out on the front, several parts of the country are reporting heavy drone strikes. The Ukrainian Air Force can only intercept part of it.

According to Ukrainian information, critical infrastructure in the west and south of Ukraine was hit in the largest Russian drone attack in weeks. In the northeast of the country, civilian targets in the second largest Ukrainian city of Kharkiv were attacked, the governor of the region of the same name, Oleh Synehubow, said on Telegram. “We are aware that as winter approaches, Russian terrorists will try to cause more damage,” Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said of the attacks. “We will respond to the enemy.” Air defense was active in ten regions.

Ukraine is preparing for a second winter of war with Russian attacks on its energy supply. There are warnings that Ukraine is more vulnerable because there is less excess capacity and few spare parts. Last winter, the government temporarily imposed nationwide restrictions on electricity use after numerous attacks on power plants.

The Ukrainian Air Force says it shot down 24 of the 40 “Shahed” drones launched by Russia. The drone attack was directed against Kharkiv in the northeast, Odessa and Kherson in the south and the Lviv region on the Ukrainian border with Poland in the west. An X-59 missile was also shot down.

Lots of fires, no fatalities

In the Lviv region, an infrastructure facility was hit five times, said Lviv Governor Maxym Kosytskyj. He did not provide any details about the damage. In the nearby Ivano-Frankivsk region, a military facility was hit, said Governor Svitlana Onishchuk. According to the governor of the Odessa region, Oleh Kiper, an infrastructure facility was hit in the south of the country.

Eight private houses, a three-story building, several cars and a car repair shop were damaged in the attack on Kharkiv, Interior Minister Ihor Klymenko said. Drones hit civilian infrastructure and caused fires in and near the city of Kharkiv, said Governor Synehubow. Eight people, including two children, needed medical attention due to acute stress.

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