Cliffhanger 2: Stallone will be inspired by Top Gun Maverick for the sequel to one of his best films

Propelled to the controls of the sequel to “Cliffhanger”, still worn by Sylveste Stallone, director Ric Roman Vaugh revealed his main source of inspiration for the film, in terms of authenticity: “Top Gun Maverick”.

Still following in the ideas on the side of Sylvester Stallone. After Rocky Balboa and John Rambo, the actor is preparing to bring another of his iconic characters back to the cinema: mountaineer Gabe Walker, hero of Cliffhanger, a film by Renny Harlin which celebrates its 30th anniversary this year.

While a sequel rumor has long floated in the air, this one has been official since the beginning of May. And it has been entrusted, not to Renny Harlin but to Ric Roman Waugh who is about to betray Gerard Butler (whom he directed in The Fall of the President, Greenland and Kandahar) to climb the peaks with Sly the time of an opus that does not yet have a release date.

And it was the director who, during an interview given to Collider a few weeks ago, spoke about the project. By specifying first of all that, like Creed compared to Rocky, this Cliffhanger 2 would be more of a sequel in which Sylvester Stallone will resume his role and form a new generation. “His Gabe Walker character will have a daughter and a successor”he explains. “And they own a mountaineering business in the Italian Alps.”

“But a tragedy is going to strike them, much like in the first film, so the father and his daughter are going to have to learn to deal with it and overcome it. How do you overcome traumatic experiences and fight to move beyond? It’s which is what it’s all about with extreme sports such as rock climbing. And, of course, bad guys could descend on the Italian Alps to wreak havoc.”

A new adventure that the director hopes is authentic, citing Top Gun: Maverick, another sequel against a background of clash of generations, as a major reference. In terms of work on sound and realism, which will notably involve going to the Dolomites, where the film takes place. Now it remains to be seen when. And with whom alongside Sylvester Stallone.

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