Club sticks to goals: Fan wants to loan Schalke 50,000 euros after relegation

Club sticks to goals
Fan wants to loan Schalke 50,000 euros after relegation

After just one season, FC Schalke 04 was relegated to the second Bundesliga. But when it comes to the ambitious goals, nothing will change at the Revierklub, say those responsible at the general meeting. Meanwhile, a fan willing to donate makes for smiles.

A Schalke fan caused amusement at the district club’s general meeting with a curious offer. Member Norbert Hauka offered the Bundesliga relegated: “I’m lending Schalke 50,000 euros for 15 months without interest.” The S04 fan tried to persuade other supporters to take a similar step. “I hope some will join,” he said. The money should make it easier for Schalke to put together a squad for the targeted direct resurgence.

The board member responsible for finance, Christina Rühl-Hamers, said with a smile: “Norbert, I would say let’s sit down and then we’ll talk about it.” On stage, Hauka handed over an envelope with his contact details.

Back in the “Top Six of the Bundesliga”

Meanwhile, Schalke 04 are sticking to very ambitious goals even after being relegated again from the Bundesliga. Sports director Peter Knäbel announced the “top six in the Bundesliga” and a “squad value of 200 million euros” as a long-term goal. CEO Bernd Schröder emphasized: “We’ve just been relegated, but that’s not why we’re throwing our long-term goals overboard.” However, the 57-year-old also said: “Of course, the achievement of our sporting and financial goals is postponed due to the relegation.”

Board member Rühl-Hamers predicted a profit in the single-digit million range for 2023, even after the second descent in around two years. Schalke closed the 2022 financial year with a loss of 19.4 million euros.

The actions of the Management Board and the Supervisory Board were approved by the members with a large majority. Axel Hefer and Holger Brauner were re-elected to the Supervisory Board. They were the only approved candidates for the two places. Hefer was confirmed as chairman at the subsequent constituent meeting and Frank Lotze was co-opted into the control body, as the club announced in the evening.

More members despite relegation

Despite the sporting failure, Schalke recorded an increase in membership. Since the previous general meeting in June 2022, Schalke has gained over 10,000 new members, said Schröder. Schalke has grown to 170,000 members.

The CEO once again campaigned for a new distribution key for television money. High-reach clubs with many fans like Schalke should get more money. “Me and Schalke 04 will fight for that,” said Schröder.

The Gelsenkirchener recently belonged to the circle of those clubs that had not approved the application for an investor to join the German Football League (DFL). The intended distribution of the money also played a role here.

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