Code name “Juniper”: Tesla’s Model Y prepares its evolution

Samir Rahmoun

March 01, 2023 at 7:45 p.m.


Tesla Model Y © David Nogueira

© David Nogueira for Clubic

Tesla will offer a refreshed version of its Model Y next year.

Difficult to always stay in the lead car. Tesla, undisputed number 1 in the electric car sector, faces ever fiercer competition and must therefore offer something new. This is what the manufacturer should do with its Model Y.

See you in 2024

What will Tesla be able to offer during its Investor Day which will take place in a few hours? For the moment, observers remain confined to hypotheses, some of which make lovers of the brand salivate. Could we for example be entitled to a compact model which would break the prices with a starting price of 25,000 dollars?

Either way, it looks like the automaker is already working on something new. So, according to Reuters, the American firm will embark on its Juniper project, which consists of a redesign of its Model Y. This vehicle would benefit from redevelopment, both outside and inside. The results should not be long in coming, since production should begin in October 2024.

Ever increasing pressure

It must be said that the firm led by Elon Musk has recently had to face increasingly strong competition. Chinese manufacturers such as BYD in particular are advancing very quickly in the electric vehicle market. It is a long time ago when a fan of this technology had almost only Tesla as a choice!

The option of redesigning an existing model is nothing new for the automaker. Indeed, as we already know Reuters a few weeks ago, the Tesla factory in Shanghai is currently being redeveloped to set up the Highland project. The latter corresponds to a remodeling of the Model 3, whose production will begin next September. Will it be enough to keep Tesla ahead of his pursuers?

Source : Reuters

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