Controversial expansion – “The Schlotterer company will always remain in Adnet”

A record year despite all the corona turmoil: things are going so well for the sun protection manufacturer Schlotterer that they want to expand in Adnet. There is still resistance to the new plant in the middle of the grassland – the company remains calm.

14 percent growth, 112 million euros in annual sales, a new high achieved with 631 employees – sun protection manufacturer Schlotterer can look back on an absolute record year. “We want to continue to grow strongly in 2022,” says Managing Director Peter Gubisch. The Adnet-based company wants to expand and is targeting an area not far from the elementary school. In the middle of the grassland – which brings some residents on the barricades. The community has already given the green light. But: “This is just the beginning of a marathon,” says Gubisch. Countless permits are still required for the new plant. If everything goes according to plan, construction could start in 2024. 700 new jobs are to be created. And if the expansion fails? “There is no other suitable area in Tennengau,” says Gubisch. Schlotterer would have to look for alternatives. The almost 220 employees who are to move to the new plant would have to be laid off. But: “We will stay in Adnet,” says Gubisch.
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