Corona current: Nurse exchanges vaccination doses for table salt

Because they fell off her
Nurse exchanges vaccination doses for saline solutions

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An unbelievable incident occurred in the Friesland vaccination center: a nurse exchanged BioNTech vaccination doses for simple saline solutions, which were then vaccinated into the patient.

A nurse from the Friesland vaccination center in Schortens, Lower Saxony, is being investigated because she is said to have exchanged six BioNTech vaccination doses for a simple saline solution. Or the vaccine did not even come into the syringes intended for it. The incident occurred on Wednesday, April 21st. around 8 o’clock.

What happened?

As Uwe Nitsche, the head of the vaccination center, announced at a press conference, the 40-year-old employee of the DRK district association Jeverland dropped an ampoule of the vaccine that would have been enough for six syringes. She was in charge of preparing the syringes when the mishap happened to her. She was evidently so embarrassed that instead of reporting the incident, she simply pulled up the syringes with the saline solution intended as a vaccination thinner.

How did it come out?

At first the nurse kept the incident secret, but later confided in a colleague who dutifully reported the incident, even if she did not want to denigrate the colleague. “We then confronted the accused and she admitted everything,” said Nitsche. The 40-year-old was then released. They are now being investigated on suspicion of bodily harm.

What can vaccinated people do now?

The 200 people who received a vaccination by 1 p.m. on the day in question were informed immediately and are due to undergo an antibody test on May 5th. The district has set up a hotline for those affected: (04461) 919 70 15. It can be reached from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Since it may not be possible to detect antibodies in those who have received the correct vaccine, it can be assumed that more than six people will have to be re-vaccinated. The date for this is May 12th. In the future, a four-eyes principle is to be introduced when drawing up the syringes.

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