Corona current: Warning of respiratory masks

There's a callback for a mask. The face mask does not meet the specified safety requirements and therefore cannot provide adequate protection.

The EU rapid alert system for consumer protection "RAPEX" has published a recall. These are respirators.

In view of the sharp rise in the number of coronavirus infections, people are currently wearing masks again. Unlike at the beginning of the first wave, this time there should be enough products available in drug stores, pharmacies and the like. Now, as a precaution, the supply of respirators should be checked. A mask of the popular "KN95" variety is recalled for lack of protection.

Warning of a respirator

The following product is specifically warned:

  • Particle filter type respirator
  • Model number: 2020-1XMT, KN95
  • Barcode: 5690536934167
  • Country of origin: People's Republic of China
  • Warning number: A12 / 01390/20

The barcode should be found individually as a sticker on the product. The reason for the warning is incorrect labeling: The mask has a so-called CE label, but is not certified for this. Therefore, it cannot protect properly. As the portal "" writes, respiratory protection "does not comply with the regulation on personal protective equipment and the relevant European standard EN 149."

The warning was published in the weekly RAPEX report. The masks are said to have been sold in packs of 10 in white boxes with blue markings. It is not known exactly in which stores they were available. If you have a KN95 mask at home, you should check the barcode.

So-called makeshift stamps are still recommended for everyday use, which you can sew yourself at home. We asked an expert which materials are suitable for mouth and nose protection and what you should pay attention to. The most important thing: avoid cleaning the mask so that it remains germ-free over the long term.

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