Corona indiscretions – “The air can get thin very quickly for Berset” – News


Did the Federal Council know about the Corona leaks from its department? Then things could get tight for him, says communications specialist Mark Balsiger.

An affair like the one “Switzerland at the weekend” uncovered is never funny for those affected. For the SP, however, the timing of these revelations is particularly toxic in light of the elections.

Campaign specialist Mark Balsiger says: “In this election year, of course, many have an interest in letting this affair around Alain Berset simmer. So this whole story is going to stretch out for months.”

Because of the election year, many want to let this affair around Berset simmer.

This means that Berset’s resignation could also become an issue in principle. The decisive factor is whether Berset actually knew nothing about the close exchange between his head of communications and the head of the Ringier group – as he has explained so far.


The incumbent Federal President Berset continues to insist that he knew nothing about the contacts.

Keystone/Gian Ehrenzeller

“If it can be convicted that he knew about it, the air will quickly become thin for him. And then I don’t know if he can hold on, »says Balsiger.

Focus on Berset’s political work

Because in contrast to previous negative headlines, this time it’s not about Berset’s private life or a failed trip in a sports plane that was interrupted by the French Air Force. According to Balsiger, the current story is more about Berset’s political work.

Every time there is news on the matter, Berset is likely to come under pressure again. Next time next week at the latest. Then the parliamentary supervision, the business control commissions of the two councils, advise how to deal with the revelations.

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