Coronavirus: "I was very tired", Agnès Buzyn justifies her controversial remarks: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

Times are tough for Agnès Buzyn. Sunday, June 29, 2020, the former Minister of Health suffered a bitter defeat in the municipal elections. Candidate for mayor of Paris against Anne Hidalgo and Rachida Dati, the one who was married to one of Simone Veil's sons came in third position collecting only 14.4% of the votes. Worse, she did not even manage to land a position as a councilor in the 17th arrondissement where she appeared. What to drink the chalice to the dregs. Tuesday, June 30, Agnes Buzyn was already in front of the cameras and the National Assembly's committee of inquiry on the management of the coronavirus crisis. In particular, she was invited to respond to controversial remarks made in an article in the World published March 17, 2020. She then claimed that the "tsunami wave was before us. " Then candidate to become the first city councilor, she qualifies in passing the municipal elections of "masquerade".

"I was very tired"

Interviewed by Eric Ciotti, rapporteur of the commission of inquiry, Agnès Buzyn seemed irritated. "Listen sincerely, I had a terrible day, I was very tired, I was accused on the networks of having seen nothing when on the contrary I fought for a month when I had the pension reform, the bioethics law in the senate and the hospital strike. What I wanted to say is "stop saying I haven't seen anything, I've seen everything, I've prepared everything". I sensed danger long before the others. The Prime Minister saw it immediately with me, he trusted me completely during this period. ", she says. She also confirmed that she had warned the Prime Minister regarding the municipal elections on January 30. "I told him, if this epidemic progresses, and that it arrives in Europe, if that happens the elections will not be able to be held. I remember because I saw the head of the Prime Minister. It was not a formal alert ", she said.

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