Coumba’s attitude deeply annoys Internet users


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This Tuesday, September 14, 2021, the Koh-Lanta show was in full swing on TF1. While Coumba was at the head of the girls’ alliance, his attitude did not please Internet users and we do not understand why.

It had been two weeks since we had had our dose of Koh-Lanta. This Tuesday, September 14, 2021, the TF1 show was back on our small screens. The opportunity to find one of the flagship candidates of the show, Coumba. The last episode left us unsatisfied. Who would win the duel on the Isle of the Outcast? After the eliminations, we got to see the women talking about strategy and one in particular irritated internet users. Coumba evoked the idea of ​​opting for more sorority on the camp and during the tests. “We really have to consider each other as sisters. My goal is to bring five women to the final square. For that, we have to establish a strategy and everyone must do everything to eliminate one from the start. boy”, she explained to her teammates.

Surprisingly, Internet users were not very comfortable with Coumba’s strategy. “Coumba tires me out, the truth …”, “Coumba she takes too much confidence with her strategy her square she believes in it too much she believed herself in a series, everything is possible it’s koh lanta don’t forget”, can we, for example, read. Worse yet, some comments against Coumba have been sexist. “Coumba if she starts to be the chef she will not last in Koh Lanta I can feel it” or “Coumba it annoys me that she makes a feminist thing while Koh Lanta is played on merit.”

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Coumba denounces sexism in Koh-Lanta

In an Instagram live broadcast on September 3, 2021, Coumba had already shared his feminist opinions on the edition Koh-Lanta: the legend. She particularly deplored the lack of representation of women on the screen in the TF1 program. “Looking at the time ratio filmed for men and the time ratio filmed for women, we are on 60/40. We do not have the same screen time. We talk a lot about boys on ‘Koh-Lanta’ and I wanted us to put the girls forward a little. We have an extraordinary Jade, we have an Alexandra which, on the tests, rocks. We have a Clementine and a Candice, monsters… “, she said with great accuracy.

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