couple with a politician, new show… what happened to Eddy from season 7?

Revealed to the general public during his participation in season 7 of Secret Story, Eddy Ben Youssef, whom Internet users know better under the pseudonym Eddy Flow, is no longer a heart to be taken. On Instagram, the reality TV candidate displays his love with a politician to his community.

First broadcast in 2007 on TF1, Secret Story marked the beginning of the golden age of reality TV programs in France. The proof, at the end of this first edition won by the triplets Marjorie, Johanna and Cyrielle Bluteau, no less than eleven seasons were broadcast consecutively by the first channel. It’s during season 7 of Secret Story that a certain Eddy has entered the house of secrets.

His real name is Eddy Ben Youssef, the one who calls himself Eddie Flow on his account Instagram, naturally integrated himself into the world of French reality TV where he took part in several shows. After his participation in season 7 of Secret Storythe reality TV candidate joined the circle of Reality TV Angels on the occasion of the sixth season of the television program. It was during his participation in the show that the young man explained that he had never slept with a girl in his life.

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Secret Story: Eddy in a relationship with a politician

This is not the only revelation made by Eddie Flow during his numerous television appearances. Indeed, on the occasion of his participation in the show La villa des coeurs cœurs, he surprised viewers by admitting that he was “never fell in love” in front of the cameras TF1. A situation which did not fail to arouse public emotion but which now seems to belong to the past.

While scrolling the thread Instagram of the reality TV candidate, we realize that he seems to have found his happiness in the arms of a certain Amine Benalia-Brouch. In a publication shared in the summer of 2023 on the social network, Eddy Flow writes “I want to tell you I love you. . .” in the caption of a photo in which we can see him smiling at the one of his heart. An attempt at a declaration which does not leave his companion indifferent. The latter does not hesitate to comment: “Well, say it.”

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A couple who displays their happiness on Instagram

But, who is it about? By going to the account Instagram from the young man identified in the photo, we learn that he is a politician based in the south of France. Indeed, in its description on the social network, Amine Benalia-Brouch indicates that he is deputy mayor of the town of Dax, located in the Landes department.

This local elected official is in fact a member of the Modem after having cut his teeth, particularly within the Popular young people of the UMP. The person who is responsible for issues relating to youth and sporting activities for the city of Dax is also a community advisor. By his side, Eddie Flow seems to have found happiness since he does not hesitate to regularly publish stories in which he mentions the chosen one of his heart.

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Eddy, candidate for The Power on W9

On the professional project side, Eddy is not left out since he is currently participating in the show The Powerbroadcast on W9. A program during which Eddy seems to know how to do well since, as recently as this Monday, April 15, 2024, he managed to eliminate his friend Yael.

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