Covid-19: Professor Gilles Pialoux worried and pessimistic about the health situation in France: Current Woman The MAG

This is a new warning message that Professor Gilles Pialoux has just launched. Guest on the air BFMTV Tuesday 23 March 2021, the head of the infectious and tropical diseases department at Tenon hospital wished to raise awareness and sounded the alarm on the health situation, while the Covid-19 epidemic does not seem to be declining. His words are very alarming: The epidemic is obviously out of control, because we have an incidence rate which is above 500 cases per 100,000 (…) None of the current measures will allow to slow down drastically “, warned the scientist, very worried. He also added: “We’re in crimson red. We know that, anyway, we have it for weeks with the measures that have been taken, he estimated. Indeed, according to him, the new health restrictions put in place by the government are not sufficient, but have also been launched. at the wrong time … and not in the right place: “I think these are braking actions that are in the wrong timing and in the wrong regions. In regions like Île-de-France, these measures will have a fairly cosmetic effect and I don’t see how we’re going to get out of it “, reacted the professor, who is known for not mince words.

A very distant end to the crisis

He also unveiled how, according to him, the rest of the epidemic will unfold: “As we can see, the question that comes up with patients is: when will we see the end of the tunnel ‘, well no one can answer. But when it was announced by Gabriel Attal that in mid-April we will have an almost normal life, frankly, we are very, very far from it …“And when we ask him if we will exceed the level of the first wave in terms of intensity in the coming weeks, the professor is not totally defeatist, even if he remains alarming: “We have passed the peak of the second wave, but we are not on the same doubling time, it is around 15 days, so we do not have the same climb. The problem is not so much the slope, it is the gradual increase with no prospect that, in the medium term, vaccination coverage will come to help us, to support us in this de-filling of intensive care unitss“, he adds, while vaccination will soon be extended to those over 70 without comorbidity.

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