Covid in China: will the EU take common measures to welcome travellers?

Laura Van Lerberghe

While Chinese nationals are allowed to travel despite millions of cases of Covid in their country, the 27 member countries of the European Union are currently unable to make a joint decision. While some countries, including France, have implemented measures, others consider that our level of protection is sufficient.

Despite the epidemic situation which has worsened in China, with several million cases of Covid detected every day, Beijing nevertheless authorizes its nationals to travel abroad. This is causing concern in many European countries, especially France. We are also waiting for a joint response from the 27. Because for the moment, it is the reign of every man for himself. For its part, France is setting up its own firewall: mandatory negative test when boarding from China, compulsory masks during the flight and random PCR test once you set foot at the airport. 27s seem to follow their own rules.

Discussion between 27 Wednesday

To avoid this, member states of the European Union are to discuss on Wednesday a common response to adopt. Among the questions on the table is the usefulness of mandatory testing for Chinese travelers. Italy has already decided to apply this protective measure. The Spaniards followed suit on Friday, followed a few hours later by France, which imposes a negative test for travelers departing from China and a new test on landing.

France, which will also push for this measure to be taken on a European scale. But this coordination is currently lagging behind. And for good reason, not all countries are on the same wavelength. For the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control, no new variants, so no risk. Our level of protection is sufficient. An opinion shared by some Nordic countries, including Belgium and Germany.

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