“Cowboy Bebop” in the stream: Where can you see the cult series?

For many, “Cowboy Bebop” is still regarded as a masterpiece among anime series. Find out where you can stream the cult series here at GIGA.

The fact that “Cowboy Bebop” is still a popular series is also proven by the attention that the real-action remake, published in 2021, received on Netflix. Did you not miss that and did you feel like looking at the original? GIGA tells you where “Cowboy Bebop” is offered as a stream.

“Cowboy Bebop” is definitely one of them – GIGA introduces you to 21 anime series that you should definitely have seen:

“Cowboy Bebop”: The original in the stream

The anime first aired in Japan in 1998 and comprises 26 episodes. It was broadcast in the USA in 2001 and the series quickly won numerous fans. The group of bounty hunters around Spike Spiegel is still enthusiastic today. Elements from action, comedy, science fiction and westerns are influenced by American gangster films and Bruce Lee’s fighting style to create a rousing story. The whole thing is rounded off with blues and jazz music, inspired by Harlem’s club scene in the 1940s. The anime can be streamed on subscription via Netflix. Otherwise you can purchase the complete edition on DVD from Amazon.

“Cowboy Bebop – The Movie”

As the series quickly became popular, a movie followed in 2001. The original title was “Cowboy Bebop: Tengoku no Tobira”. The action takes place between the 22nd and 23rd episode of the series. You can stream “Cowboy Bebop – The Film” for free via Joyn and Netzkino. It is available for purchase on Amazon as DVD and Blu-ray. Check out the trailer right here:

“Cowboy Bebop”: The new edition in the stream

Work was done on a real-life film as early as 2009. Keanu Reeves was supposed to play the role of Spike Spiegel. However, the plan never came to fruition. Filming was delayed too long due to financial difficulties. Instead, Netflix released a live-action adaptation in 2021. This can of course be streamed on Netflix by subscription. However, this is not a mere copy. Many elements of the original have been reinterpreted.

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