CP+ 2024: Has Panasonic launched the perfect travel zoom with its Lumix S 28-200mm?

After launching the lightest 100mm macro lens in the world, Panasonic is back in compactness by today announcing a transtandard zoom lens, the Lumix S 28-200mm F4.0-7.1 Macro OIS A versatile zoom that is certainly not very bright, like all references of the genre, but which does not lack assets to seduce backpackers.

The first is its focal range which goes from 28 mm to 200 mm. This magnification power will require a lot of light with its modest f/7.1, but will be able to rely on double stabilization. Indeed, the lens has optical stabilization, referred to by the acronym OIS, while the brand’s 24×36 bodies all have mechanical stabilization of the sensor. It will allow travelers to do without a second lens, by allowing a telephoto lens to help out.

Its other optical advantage is its minimum focusing distance in the wide-angle position, which is only 14 cm. In this position, the optics offer a magnification power of x0.5, allowing very respectable macro-type shots, as evidenced by the reference file that the company provided to us. provided.

The optical formula is made up of 17 lenses (including an aspherical lens, four ED lenses and a UHR lens) divided into 13 groups, the whole being organized around a nine diaphragm. blades and compatible with 67 mm filters.

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The other great strength of this super zoom is its weight. As with the 100mm macro lens announced at CES last month, Panasonic has taken care of the integration and choice of materials since its zoom weighs only 413 grams. A feat for an optic which nevertheless displays a large optical distance, very close focusing, a metal design and all-weather protection (splashes, dust, projection of… water, -10°C to +40°C). It obviously remains to evaluate the optical quality, which Panasonic promises to be very good, with a reduction in focus breathing effects in video and exceptional bokeh (which remains to be demonstrated on a general public optics!).

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In terms of video, the Lumix S 28-200mm F4.0-7.1 Macro OIS takes advantage of Panasonic’s DNA and the fine control of the bodies to offer configurable focus: either linear, with a constant sensitivity based on the setting of the case (from very sensitive to not very sensitive), or non-linear. In this mode, the focusing speed varies according to the rotation speed of the ring. So, when you zoom very quickly, the AF speeds up and will try to capture the subject more quickly.

With its nickname S-R28200E, the Lumix S 28-200mm F4.0-7.1 Macro OIS will be available at the end of April for €999. It will be compatible, remember, with all L-mount cameras, therefore those from Panasonic, but also from Leica and Sigma.

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