Craig Wright VS Ripple Army: when Faketoshi calls XRP a “Ponzi scheme”

But why is he so mean? – Good New Year’s resolutions are often not kept. And concerning those of Craig S. Wright (CSW), we could have guessed that it wouldn’t last long. And his promises to settle down will have actually lasted even less time than all the fake evidence that our international “Faketoshi” presented to claim to be Satoshi Nakamoto. But something original however, CSW does not attack directly Bitcoin (BTC) this time, but rather at Ripple and his XRP… Crypto-drama guaranteed!

For Craig Wright, XRP is just a “pyramid scheme”

When Craig Wright is not busy losing lawsuits – of which he don’t pay debts -, he likes to indulge in denigration of anything that isn’t his own crypto project – BSVa fork of Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

This February 4, 2023 is the XRP Army who was entitled to dumpster of insults from CSW. In a long thread Twitterthe most infamous of the Faketoshis has literally fire the community supporting the digital token of Ripple Labs.

The words “pyramid scheme”, ” fraud “, “scam” And “Ponzi” have, for example, been casually dropped by Craig Wright. He even took it personally David Schwartzthe CTO of Ripple, insulting him “crook”.

“There is a reason why the army of XRP cultists is following the Tulip Trading case so closely. They fully understand that this will end the pyramid scheme that is Ripple and XRP.
(…) Davey demolished the Ponzi that is XRP, and which ensured that this fraudulent system was completely destroyed.
(…) If you ever quote David Schwartz, call him what he is… Davie the crook. It’s the [Bernard] Maddoff of shitcoins. If you think it’s defamation, remember the truth (sic). Davie is a crook. »

Twitter account @Dr_CSWright

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Faketoshi’s real target behind Ripple: the only real Bitcoin (BTC)

Of course, attacking Ripple and its XRP is just a pretext for Craig Wright to go after Ripple yet again. Bitcoin. BTC developers would be so a “cabal” who would have “misled investors”. The latter would therefore have chosen Bitcoin, by deception, rather than yet another clone of clones like… Craig Wright’s BSV.

“The Ripple group is not even as hidden as the BTC Core partnership and association that tries to pretend not to be an organization. This court ruling will not only apply to Bitcoin, but to all digital currency systems and will ripple through financial markets around the world. »

Craig Wright wants Bitcoin and all cryptos to end.
Twitter account @Dr_CSWright

The truth inventor of BTC, Satoshi Nakamotobrought us a digital currency system decentralized And censorship resistant, to help us emancipate ourselves from central banks and their inflationary fiat currencies. Craig Wright, meanwhile, wants to be the one and only to decide the destiny of cryptocurrency, by submitting completely to state laws. In summary, CSW wants do much worse that Ripple, which it has just insulted copiously for the centralization of XRP! Who, in 2023, can still believe for a single second that this sad sire egocentric could be Satoshi?

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