Cult of the Lamb: How to be accompanied by followers in the dungeons?

On Cult of the Lamb, the players will have to go through several dungeons and face the 4 Prelates. The software offers a progressive difficulty. Thus, the final bosses can be quite difficult to defeat. Fortunately, it is possible to be helped by adepts, transforming into demons and being able to accompany you in these different dungeons. In the following, we explain how to do it and what bonuses they grant.

Being helped by followers in dungeons on Cult of the Lamb

How to do ?

On Cult of the Lambit is quite possible toexplore dungeons in the company of one or more adepts. By accompanying you in these areas, your followers will be able to help you in several ways. To do this, you will need to have unlocked a very specific structure, via the Altar, namely: Demonic Summoning Circle. The description of the first level of this building is as follows: The spirit of a demon possesses the body of an adept and allows him to accompany you in a dungeon “.

As you may have guessed, later on you will have the possibility of unlocking two other levels for the Demonic Summoning Circle. The third, available in the final tier of Altar upgrades, ” allows you to summon three demons at the same time “. Which is not negligible, you will most likely agree.

Adept bonuses for dungeons

So, if you want to be accompanied by a follower in the dungeons, quickly unlock the Demonic Summoning Circle and build it. By interacting with the structure, a window will open and offer you to choose the adept you want to turn into a demon, so that he accompanies you in a dungeon. Note that the bonuses granted and the actions taken by the demon vary from one follower to another. On this subject, here is a non-exhaustive list of the bonuses granted by the latter:

  • Melee attack the nearest enemy.
  • Fly to collect red hearts.
  • Targets a random enemy and explodes next to them.
  • Grants you half a spirit heart at the start of the dungeon.
  • Automatically recovers Fervor.
  • Fires a projectile at the nearest enemy.

As a result, all you have to do is choose which follower or followers you want to turn into demons, depending on your needs and how you play. On our side, at the end of the game, we preferred to play it safe by being accompanied by a faithful/demon going to look for red hearts, at regular intervals. Note, finally, that after having traversed the dungeon, the demon will again become a follower. He will then need a lot of rest.

Cult of the Lamb - Adept:Demon
As a reminder, Cult of the Lamb is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series and Nintendo Switch.

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