Culture news Vegeta deprived of Super Saiyan 3 in Dragon Ball Z! Akira Toriyama had a very good reason

Culture news Vegeta deprived of Super Saiyan 3 in Dragon Ball Z! Akira Toriyama had a very good reason

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Vegeta never mastered Super Saiyan 3 in Dragon Ball Z, unlike Goku and Gotenks. If some people cry inconsistency, Akira Toriyama explained the reasons which go even beyond the manga.

If Dragon Ball acquired a quasi-sacred rank in the sphere of manga, it is still subject to many questions, particularly concerning power scales. When we talk about his best fighters, the names of Gohan or Goku often come up on the table, leaving Vegeta who, although one of the fans’ favorite characters, is continually seen as inferior. The question of Super Saiyan 3 is regularly put on the table to justify his classification, but if he then fails to master it, it is for a very specific reason.

Level 3 Humiliation

It is during his meeting with Babidi and Buu that Goku, just brought back from the beyond, reveals his brand new transformation for the first time: Super Saiyan 3. More developed muscles, hair that resembles a mane and eyebrows that disappear characterize this new form. The anime will even add a passage that clearly explains the rapprochement between the Oozaru (metamorphosis into a gorilla) and the Saiyan. The transformation is so powerful that it shakes the entire planeteven shaking the Palace of the Almighty.

Later, and on the occasion of the fusion of Goten and Trunks, it is Gotenks who unlocks this advanced stage of transformation. A terrible humiliation for the prince of SaiyansVegeta will not be able to reach this stage, limiting himself to the mastery of Super Saiyan 2. He was then at the maximum of his abilities and could not go beyond, unless training for which he absolutely had no time. If the question remained without a precise answer, Akira Toriyama spoke about it in an interview: it was above all for economic reasons.

For a handful of Zenis

The real reason for this lack of power ultimately has more to do with a shortfall on the part of Toei than with a plot desire. In fact, the transformation required, first of all, a lot of time from the mangaka, but also required too much money and time at Toei Animation. It was therefore those in charge of the animation studio who told Toriyama not to include the transformation a third time. If this answer is not likely to satisfy fans of the proud prince of the Saiyans, it reminds us to what extent the mangaka suffered pressure from his various managers concerning Dragon Ball.

The Namek arc should, normally, conclude Dragon Ball, Son Goku becoming the most powerful being in the universe thanks to Super Saiyan. It was his editors who begged him to continue, leading to the Cell arc. The conclusion thereof, particularly with the passing of the torch from Goku to Gohan, represented a perfect ending. But once again, the editors intervene again, urging Toriyama to continue. He will finally manage to give a true ending to the work during the Buu arc. If Dragon Ball made us dream, whether in manga or anime, it was a real test for its creator.

Still, a new series has just been announced and the license does not seem ready to stop, to the great pleasure (or not) of early fans. If you love the mangaka’s work, don’t hesitate to discover our preview of Sand Land, the latest game inspired by the master’s writings.

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