Cutting onions: This trick makes it faster than ever

cut onions
This trick makes it easier and faster than ever before

With this life hack you can cut onions in a flash.


When chopping onions, it’s not uncommon for a tear or two to be shed. This trick could finally put an end to that.

Onions belong in countless dishes because they provide the necessary seasoning. However, not a few find it difficult to cut, after all, the eyes are irritated and cause a lot of tears.

This tip is going viral on the internet

This could be over as of today, because a TikTok user has shared what is probably the easiest and best way to cut onions. The video has already been viewed more than eight million times and went viral immediately, because with this life hack onions are not only cut at lightning speed, tears could also be a thing of the past. You can see how it works in the video.

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