Cybertruck error – recall: Tesla could accelerate unintentionally

Problems with the accelerator pedal are currently causing the recall of almost 4,000 Tesla cybertrucks. The company’s new flagship could accelerate unintentionally due to a production error – the problem probably has a bizarre cause.

The accelerator pedal issue has been circulating on social media for the past few days – after a Cybertruck user discovered that his vehicle was accelerating on its own because the accelerator pedal was stuck to the floor after a plastic cover came loose. According to a report from the US TV channel CNBC, a TikTok video by Cybertruck owner Jose Martinez about the problem has been shared more than 42,000 times and viewed more than six million times on The US vehicle safety authority NHTSA said on Friday that the accelerator pedal could come loose and get caught in the interior paneling. This could cause the vehicle to accelerate unintentionally. Tesla will repair or replace the accelerator pedal – but the manufacturer is not yet aware of any accidents in this context. Apparently bizarre cause The pedal problem apparently has a bizarre cause: soap. “An unapproved modification involved the use of lubricant (soap) to aid in the assembly of the cover to the accelerator pedal,” the NHTSA writes in its recall report. Now, residual lubricant reduced the grip of the cover on the pedal. Local Tesla buyers are not affected by the problem: the Cybertruck is not even on the market in Europe. Problems can usually be solved with a software update. The Cybertruck electric pick-up has only been delivered since the end of last year – two years old Delay due to production issues and battery shortages. According to the BizzyCar website, Tesla has already had to recall a total of 2.4 million vehicles in the first quarter of 2024. The problems can usually be solved with a software update. In the past few months, Tesla has had to recall hundreds of thousands of other vehicles. The group’s sales are falling; Tesla has announced that it will lay off around a tenth of its workforce.
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