Czaja as Secretary General: Merz presents team for CDU leadership

Czaja as Secretary General
Merz presents team for CDU leadership

With the third attempt it should finally work. In the race for the CDU chairmanship, ex-parliamentary group leader Merz relies on two young MPs as team members. For this he wants to establish a new office in the party leadership.

Ex-Union faction leader Friedrich Merz wants to score points with a team of two in the office of general secretary in the member survey on the party chairmanship. At the presentation of his ambitions in Berlin, the 66-year-old suggested the 46-year-old former Berlin Senator for Social Affairs Mario Czaja as possible Secretary General. For the new post of Deputy Secretary General Merz wants the 34-year-old former Baden-Württemberg local politician Christina Stumpp. Both had won a direct mandate in the federal election.

Merz is now making a third attempt to take over the CDU chairmanship. Before that, he had just lost out against Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer and later against Armin Laschet. This time the executive minister of the Chancellery, Helge Braun, and foreign policy specialist Norbert Röttgen are competing against Merz.

When determining the new chairman, the party members first have the floor. A runoff election is expected. The last word will have a party conference in January. The result of the membership decision is regarded as binding.

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