Dad’s car stolen – police shots stopped unlicensed driver

Wild scenes in the Danube city: After a family argument, a man (24) without a license sped away in his father’s car. Until a police officer fired shots at the BMW.

Hollywood-worthy scenes took place in the wild snowstorms of the Danube city late on Saturday. In a “normal” family argument between a 54-year-old and his 24-year-old son, the child apparently completely lost his nerve. Riot, then he took the car. First he rioted in his father’s apartment, throwing objects around. Police were called in to stop the son’s rampage. But he grabbed his father’s car keys and jumped into the silver luxury BMW. Mind you, without having a driving license. The father could only look after his son as he sped away through the snow-covered streets. After shots were fired, Lenker surrendered. An immediate search was issued – the young driver was caught on Aspernstrasse. The 24-year-old still didn’t want to get out. He locked the BMW. And headed straight for a police officer who was approaching. To prevent this, the uniformed man fired shots at the BMW’s tire. Driving was no longer an option and the driver gave up. And like everyone else involved, he was uninjured. He was arrested.
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