Dancing with the stars – Keiona rants against Chris Marques, a dancer supports her

The least we can say is that Keiona has a taste for a challenge. The winner of season 2 of Drag Race France tried samba with her partner Maxime Dereymez during this Friday, April 12 episode of Dance with the stars. A dance known to be difficult, since it requires very rapid movements of the arms, hips and feet. If the duo’s performance convinced three members of the jury, who gave it three 9/10, Chris Marques’ score remained stuck in the candidate’s throat… The Latin dance specialist felt that their sequence did not deserve no more than 7/10. As noted Tele-Leisure this Monday, April 15, Maxime Dereymez immediately stood up to the choreographer: “It’s still the most technical dance, the most difficult of the Latin dances, it should still be noted. I think you shouldn’t be too fussy. We’re not at the world championship, the friends.” For her part, Keiona gave a rant in Dancing with the Stars, the sequel.

“I arrived in the competition without having ever done ballroom dancing. I don’t feel judged in the same way as my competitors. I would like someone to give me a little more grace and a little appreciation plus the connection and size efforts that we have with Maxime”, stormed the one called Kevin Kouassi in everyday life, convinced that her dance deserved much more than a simple 7. Chris Marques, who mainly criticized the candidate for not using her feet enough, complained then firmly justified: “I tell you that in the show, you are fabulous. I don’t hold your level against you, I look at the technique when you dance. And when you are not up to par, I am obliged to tell you. I I’m also not going to tell you that everything is great when everything isn’t. I want to see you win. Dance with the stars at your best. Until the last second, I’m going to push you and I’m not going to apologize for that.” Enough to honor his reputation as the most demanding member of the jury.

Christian Millette, former dancer of the program, shared the point of view of Keiona and her sidekick. “I thought it was one of his best dances. The samba is probably the most difficult dance, the most technical of the Latin dances. It was really a good performance”highlighted the one who has been crowned champion of Quebec and champion of Canada in his category on several occasions. “A 7? No, not possible. It didn’t make sense to me. While on other bonuses, she could have had a 7, this week, it wasn’t possible. For me too, it would have been a 9”he assured, emphasizing the precision and rhythm of the one who also shone in The Queens of Make-up.

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“At this point, dancing is no longer enough”

This is not the first time that Keiona is outraged by the results she obtains on the TF1 show. During the April 5 prime, despite her impressive performances and the high marks she received, she and Maxime Dereymez were nominated against Natasha St-Pier and Anthony Colette as well as Adeline Toniutti and Adrien Caby. This last pair was finally eliminated from the competition. On social networks, many fans denounced the dangerous position in which the drag queen found herself. The latter responded with pragmatism and disappointment: “I will only go to the final if you save me from face-to-face by voting, at this point dancing is no longer enough.”


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