“Dare and assume your differences, it pays” Ambriel confides in his hearing


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During the blind auditions of The Voice, Ambriel, a young 18-year-old candidate, joined Amel Bent’s team after an emotionally charged performance that moved the audience.

Saturday evening TF1 broadcast the 7th episode of season 11 of The Voice. The fans of this program, always very numerous, were able to listen to the performance of the young Ambriel. The young student in musicology is of a very spontaneous, even impulsive nature, it is thanks to this that her participation in the blind auditions was made. “I knew the casting had started and I thought why not me. I tried my luck and it worked. I found myself on set like that in no time.”

At only 18 years old, this young woman with an assertive look, distinguished herself by interpreting Head spina title by singer Amel Bent. His goal ? Make Amel Bent vibrate on his own song! A successful mission for Ambriel since the interpreter of Aiming for the moon has returned. “If I sang this song it’s because I really found myself in these lyrics. Of course, I knew that the audition was going to be a complicated moment for me given the emotional charge, but I wanted to do it even though I was less precise in the notes. And I did. I moved Amel Bent” she explains, laughing.

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The Voice, a dream come true for Ambriel

As she says so well herself, Ambriel she has more tattoos than years. Each of them has a strong symbolism and evokes a significant passage in his life. His tattoos have also caught the eye of host Nikos Aliagas who took her picture. “Taking part in The Voice was a little girl’s dream for me, and having my photograph taken by Nikos was incredible. Like what, daring to assume your differences sometimes pays off.”

Often criticized because of her appearance when she was younger, Ambriel has never been afraid to assert herself even if it means no longer fitting into the codes laid down by society. “When I was 13 I remember waking up not feeling like myself. I told my mom I needed a change and left to shave my head. Already at the time I did not take my head and I have not changed so much since” she concludes. It remains to be seen whether his confidence and his talent will bring him luck for the rest of the adventure The Voice.

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