Darth Vader victimized by the Empire? The cut scene from Star Wars that destroys the myth a little!

Return to a deleted scene from “Return of the Jedi” in which Darth Vader’s authority is somewhat questioned.

A heavy and disturbing step along a dark and foggy corridor, a slow and mechanical breathing, a long cape black as night and an imposing armor topped with a sinister helmet.

Present from the introduction of the first Star Wars directed by George Lucas in 1977, the dark Sith lord Darth Vader (formerly called Anakin Skywalker) is by far one of the most menacing villains in the history of cinema (so much so that his crimes earned him a fictitious trial in Chile).

Acolyte and student of the terrible Emperor Palpatine since he betrayed the Jedi Order to side with him, Vader therefore obeys his master with his finger and eye. But is he really the most powerful man in the Empire after Palpatine, as one might think when (re)discovering the original Star Wars trilogy?

As we can guess from a cut scene from Return of the Jedi (episode VI of the saga) recently relayed by the site CBR, things may not be that simple. Indeed, in the sequence in question, we can witness a face-to-face between Darth Vader and a certain Moff Jerjerrod, an Imperial officer with whom we could already see him speaking in the introductory scene of the film.

While Vader tries to have a private audience with Palpatine, Jerjerrod completely blocks his way. “You can’t come in.”he dares to tell her before paying for his arrogance, stifled from a distance by his interlocutor. “By order of the emperor”he manages to add with a hiccup.

Upon hearing his master’s name pronounced, Vader immediately frees Jerjerrod from his restraints and abdicates. “I will wait, as he wishes.”he said before turning on his heel. “Alright”his opponent then responds in a tone of challenge.

This little confrontation, seemingly harmless, can lead us to suppose that within the higher authorities of the Empire, Vader is perhaps not as respected as one might think. Despite his great powers and his mastery of the Force (which he does not hesitate to use to remind his good memories of opponents who are too daring), several officers still allow themselves to stand up to him.

This is the case in this deleted scene, therefore, but also in a sequence of episode IV, where another Imperial high-ranking officer clearly disrespected Vader before suffering the same fate as Jerjerrod. Grand Moff Tarkin, who is, remember, officially higher ranking than Vader, then ordered him to deliver his prey, and the Sith Lord complied immediately.

Another example highlighting the fact that Vader is far from all-powerful within the Empire.

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