"Deal concluded": "I'm at the end", Julien Cohen makes Diane Chatelet crack: Woman Current Le MAG

The fight was tough for Julien Cohen Wednesday July 15, 2020 in Case concluded. The famous buyer of the France 2 show has embarked on a bitter struggle to acquire a Ceylon vase. This object brought by a seller named Hocine was valued at 1,800 euros by auctioneer Harold Hessel. In the auction room, Hocine tried to raise the stakes. Facing him, Diane Chatelet and Julien Cohen did not need much encouragement to make the price soar. The two specialists in antiquities quickly clashed in a merciless struggle to leave with the famous vase.

"I am exhausted"

Julien Cohen started very slowly, then, faced with the auction of Diane Chatelet, the buyer with the blue glasses did not admit defeat, and Diane Chatelet ended up cracking. "I'm at the end, oh no, I'm at the end", she said, after gently pushing Julien Cohen. She then tries a last offer: 2,700 euros. His sidekick seems to give up and leave him the vase … "We say thank you who? We say thank you Julien?", he says to tease Diane Chatelet. It does not fit into its game: "It would make you happy, huh? It flatters your ego", she retorts. Hocine, facing them, seems to revel in their amusing game. For his part, he hopes to be able to draw 3,000 euros from it. But Julien Cohen finally gives his last price: 2,950 euros. Diane Chatelet abdicates, and the glass vase returns to its neighbor. The two stooges end the sale with a smile, no hard feelings.

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