Death of Jacques Rougerie, major historian of the Commune of 1871


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Paris, a popular storycase

The author of “Free Paris, 1871”, who revolutionized the history of this founding period for the left, died Tuesday at the age of 90.

Among the revolts, the Paris Commune of 1871 occupies a special place in hearts and minds. The news of the death of the man who is considered the greatest historian of this period is therefore sad news in more ways than one. Jacques Rougerie died Tuesday at the age of 90, we learned this Thursday by the association of Friends and Friends of the Commune and by his relatives, one year after the 150th anniversary of the insurrection.

His work Free Paris, 1871, published in the year of the centenary, has become a must-read classic for students. “It was the work of Jacques Rougerie in the 1960s and 1970s, which was extremely controversial at the time, that changed things, recalled in Release English historian Robert Tombs. He went against Communist Party orthodoxy and is the p

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