Demi Lovato: Big stage comeback with tears and trembling voice

Demi Lovato (27, "Skyscraper") took the step back in public – and mastered it with flying colors. The singer gave her big stage comeback at yesterday's Grammy Awards in Los Angeles. In her luggage she had a song that no one had known until now and the release of which must have been a relief for the singer.

A cry for help

The 27-year-old presented herself to the excited audience in white, sweeping evening gown. The headlight aimed at her and the piano, she started to sing – and broke off after only a few tones. A tear rolled down her cheek. Lovato was visibly moved by the moment, as the corresponding YouTube videos show. Then the second attempt: The artist sang with a lot of emotion through her song "Anyone", which is said to have been written just a few days before her drug overdose in July 2018.

"I am tired of empty conversations. Because nobody hears me anymore. (…) A hundred million stories and a hundred million songs. I feel stupid when I sing. Nobody listens to me," said the text of the song. Then Lovato sang skyward, "Someone, please send someone to me. Lord, is there someone? I need someone." She couldn't have put her helplessness back then in words more clearly.

Singer shows gratitude

How much the appearance at the singer's Grammys meant, she later made clear again on Instagram. There she wrote a picture of her stage performance: "What an unforgettable night. My first stage appearance after almost two years. It was so emotional for me. Thank you for all the love and support and for sharing this moment with me have."

The next big event for Lovato is on February 2nd. At the Super Bowl, the finale of the US National Football League, she will sing the US national anthem at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, California.

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